Monday, January 25, 2010

Is Blogging Obsolete?

I used to really enjoy blogging. I used to enjoy sharing pictures, stories, links, and thoughts - all on my blog. But the Internet has changed over the last few years and I feel that for me, blogging may be obsolete.

If I want to share a picture, I share it instantly on Twitter or Facebook. If I want to share a story, I make a note on Facebook. If I want to share a link, I IM it to those I think are interested or post it on Twitter and my Facebook wall if I think it has mass appeal. Sharing my thoughts is the only thing that I feel has taken a step backwards. I share them as Tweets and Facebook status updates in 140 character chunks now rather than blog posts. I could still blog longer posts or make Facebook notes, but that doesn't feel as natural as the rest of it.

Before Twitter/Facebook, I would share thoughts in length on my blog and then get a little bit of feedback in comments, but it was rarely very substantial. Now, I post a short status update on Facebook and it can turn into a lengthy discussion of the issue/subject by several people. It has become a lot more interactive and is less about my thoughts and more about arguments, logic, and other people's opinions. Because of that, I post less and less about political and religious topics. Before posting a thought, I will usually screen myself asking these questions: "Will this spark a debate? Do I have time for a debate? Do I want to debate this topic/issue?"

The good part of this change is that when there is a topic that comes up, more people are involved and it is a very interactive experience, rather than me just rambling on about something. The bad part is that I do it less and sometimes during debating, things are said by people that hurt other people.

A good example of what I'm talking about is Oregon ballot measures 66 and 67. Before, I would have likely posted a blog entry about why I voted the way I did in an attempt to educate people and persuade them to research the issue for themselves and not rely on the lies in the ads of both sides (short rant about 66 & 67 ads: Yes, both sides are lying through their teeth on this one to try and persuade voters to vote for their side. It's sickening!). But, I never think about blogging anymore because I doubt anyone even still reads this blog. I don't want to post a Facebook status about 66 & 67 because I know people who are passionate about both sides of it and I don't want to spark a debate on my wall where people end up saying hurtful things. So, I end up not saying anything about it except "Mailed my ballot" attached to a picture of my ballot going in the mailbox or something.

Maybe I should start blogging again. I guess I kind of am with this post. Maybe I should use Facebook notes. Maybe I should just ignore comments on my statuses and say whatever I want without care. I dunno. I'll probably just keep doing what I have been doing.

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Robyn said...

I'm still here! I understand the debate. I am still attached to the blog because it archives my life, but it's hard not to gravitate toward the mass appeal and instantaneous responses you get from facebook. I miss your wife's blogging too!